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Monday, February 28, 2011

28 days of blogging finale

Well, the 28 days of blogging adventure is over. It has come to a close. I didn't succeed at blogging everyday, but I did pretty well. I learned how to mobile blog, I blogged when I didn't want to, I blogged when I had nothing to write about.

As for my March personal challenge... I think I'm putting it on hold. I want to participate in the summer edition, I believe. And for March, I'd like to just challenge myself to wear more of my clothes. It's so easy to just throw on yoga pants & a t-shirt/sweatshirt, or to just keep them on after pilates, rather than actually get dressed... I have so many tops that I love & yet, I never wear them, because I feel that they'll be wasted on a normal day. What I'm realizing is that they're actually wasted just hanging in my closet. So I'm challenging myself to expanding my daily wardrobe & then, perhaps, when summer rolls around, I won't be as terrified of the 30 for 30 challenge (seriously, I'm a little terrified).

So will I blog tomorrow? Maybe... probably. It's a habit now, even if I didn't do it everyday- I knew when I wasn't getting it done & it was simply because I couldn't get to the computer & I didn't want to just post a picture from my phone.

Also, I'm very proud of my friends who tried & completed the challenge... Alisha, KC, Abby, Janelle... Did I miss anyone? I'm so glad that you joined me & all kicked my butt. Way to go! Thanks for being amazing friends for the past, what, 4 years? And joining me on blogger & everything. You are all awesome women & I love keeping in touch through our blogs.


until tomorrow... (and Happy March! Does this mean Spring is just around the corner?)


JayZ said...

Thanks for giving me the challenge!

I'm so glad we met all those years ago! I don't know what I would do without all of the fabulous women I've met on this crazy thing called the internet :-)

KC said...

This was a great challenge and I'm so glad I jumped on board! Usually it was me giving you challenges, it was really nice to turn the tables. :)

And don't be too hard on yourself about missing a post or two...there were many nights where I'd shut my computer down at 11 PM and say, "Oh no, I have to post something!" So I came precariously close to missing a day myself!

Let me know when you issue another challenge....game on!

PS - So glad I know all you ladies. You are my sanity many days! (And will be priceless when I finally decide to reproduce...!)