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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Competition Thrives

It's March!!! YAY! For some reason I'm convinced that now that it's March, the sun will shine each day & it will be at least 39 degrees- what I call vest weather. I hate winter coats. It honestly doesn't matter what they look like, how trim they are, or anything - I hate wearing them. So March = vest. (Yes, I realized this a very hopeful outlook & in fact, I'll be freezing if I refuse to wear a winter coat, because here in Iowa, it is still winter, but I like to be hopeful so let's go with it, shall we?)

Wanna know something? I'm an extremely competitive person. Just ask my husband how I like to lose - at anything. Board games, arguments... doesn't matter - I like to win & I like to be right. So right now, Hubs & I have this weird competitive thing going on with this silly Facebook game- College Town (I actually had to look it up, because I didn't even know the name. But does that matter? Nope, I still want to win!).  Anyway, my competitiveness with Facebook games started with Sorority Life. My real-life sorority sister was always sending me crap & kicking my butt. She was on something like, level 157, while I was on level 4. So I decided to go for it & for a few short weeks I was constantly trying to update my Life. Now, Hubs got me started on this College Town thing & we are each constantly trying to update.  It's so ridiculous. But as long as I know that, it's still healthy right? Plus, it makes me care less about what's actually being posted on Facebook. And truthfully, I sort of despise the book (as that same sorority sister just referred to it as the other day in a text). Plus, competing with my husband is kind of fun, especially when I win!

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