"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where's my Washboard?

My mom is obsessed with antiques. She has ridiculous amounts cluttering up her house, but it's always been that way.  When I was much younger, she had multiple washboards at home (she probably still has them somewhere).  She never used them for washing clothes, but they were my grandma's or great grandma's or something that were actually used for washing.  I always thought that it would be terrible to have to wash like that!

Fast forward to today.  Right now, I have a 'load' of cloth diapers soaking in my bathtub.  Yes, my bathtub. We were away for 4 days for Christmas & came home to a broken washing machine.  What!?! It will only spin.  It won't fill with water & it certainly won't agitate.  Luckily I had washed diapers on Sunday night... this means I didn't actually have to wash until last night- Tuesday.  Because I've been busting my butt trying to get ready for B's big birthday bash on Saturday, I didn't get around to washing, plus I didn't want to risk waking B up after he went to bed.  During B's nap this morning I started rinsing.  My hands were freezing in the cold water & my nose was burning from the stink ammonia buildup (yes, it's true- I haven't completely tackled THAT SMELL issue).

So at this point, I just left them to soak in the hot water & some Rockin' Green Soap.  My plan is to let them soak for awhile & then rinse & agitate in hot water & soap.  One last rinse & then hopefully I'll be done.

In the meantime, I've picked up some GDiapers to use until our washer gets fixed.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Nifty Sale!

Oh my gosh- right in time for the New Year! My current favorite cloth diaper making mama is running a sale for new customers & existing customers who refer new customers!

If you haven't checked Nifty Nappy (check out her blog!) out yet, you should! You can get 15% off your order & then I can get 50% off- amazing, right?!

Here's the sale info... Let me know if you decide to take advantage of this sweet deal!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Whew! That went well, considering he was missing a nap! 

How did I get here?

My brother in law is graduating from college this Saturday, from the University of Iowa.  While I went to Iowa State University (go Cyclones!), I have no real animosity towards U of I, unless of course, it's the annual Cy-Hawk game.  And then it's on- I'm like a Cyclone fan from your worst nightmare (if you're a Hawkeye fan, that is).  I'll talk crap & razz you until you finally give in.  And then, if the Cyclones don't win (like this year) ... or even when they do win, I'll laugh & say it was all in good fun anyway!

Anyway, this 'time of year' has me thinking back to when DH & I graduated from ISU.  It seems like so much has happened in the 3 years since we graduated, that it can't possibly have only been 3 years ago.  We've moved from ISU to the Quad Cities (Iowa side), to Seattle, to Small City in Illinois, to Downtown Chicago, to Suburban Chicago, Illinois.  That's technically 6 homes in 3 years.  Yep, no big deal.  Except when you add that first of all, Seattle is all the way across the country where no one we are related to lives & we had to miss Thanksgiving & Christmas, weddings & birthdays, etc. etc etc.  And we got married, in Iowa, while we lived there.

We also found out I was pregnant the week after we moved into our very first purchased home is that Small City in Illinois, had Baby B (almost exactly 1 year ago) & then moved away from our very first purchased home when B was 4 months old.

So how did I get here?  3 years ago I was a young Apparel Merchandising, Design, & Production major at Iowa State University.  A member of a sorority who had moved out of the chapter house to live with my boyfriend, who was at that point, my fiance.  I was still grabbing coffee & going to class where I learned about who Bonnie Cashun was & what she did for the world & the live & times of a Miss Coco Chanel.  My favorite textbook was Vogue.  I was a bartender at a lovely restaurant bar known for it's yummy pizza & it's fabulous beer selection (over 110 beers ON TAP).   I was making martinis with good friends in our apartments & laughing about who did what at the last house party.  I was reminiscing about the years before, saying 'It seems like so long ago... when we stole the Phi Delts composite & watched the ATO's roast a pig in their parking lot.   And now, it really does seem like so long ago.  Like an entirely different lifetime.  Maybe someone else's life?

How did I become a stay at home mom in the Suburbs, with an almost 1 year old son, & a husband with whom I'll be celebrating 3 years of marriage this Spring?  How did I become the one who has 'traded in' all my sorority sisters for my mom's group (no, I'm not not friends with them anymore- we just don't live in the same city! Some of them are my very best friends!)? How did I become the girl who can only drink 2 drinks or I'm not going to want to get up in the morning?

I guess it's a simple answer, really.  I became this way because ultimately, that's what I wanted.  And I think that's what God wanted for me & my family.  A small family unit, who adores one another, who can't imagine life without that 'driving me crazy' 85 pound dog, & that absolutely beautiful (for a boy!) baby boy, & that hardworking, generous man who I'm lucky enough to be spending the rest of my life with.  I'm lucky enough to want to stay up wrapping Christmas presents for my family with my amazing husband.  Lucky enough to want to make dinner each night (okay, maybe not each night), while a small person has attached himself to my leg or while he throws everything he can access out of the kitchen cabinets.   I'm lucky enough to know that I should not take a second of this for granted, because just 3 short years ago, I didn't really have any of it, & while that was fun & all, this is the best feeling ever.

So I'll remember that this Saturday, while I watch my brother in law walk across that stage to accept his degree.  I'll remember while I watch him hug his fiance & while they snuggle their nephew, B, a little.  I'll remember that... while I watch them spend the next few years 'getting here'.

I'll remember how much fun it was, going from there to here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THAT SMELL update.

I've soaked & rinsed & bleached & rinsed & washed & rinsed... I haven't sunned, because unfortunately, here in the Chicago suburbs, we haven't had much sun lately.

Yesterday I finally gave in & I stripped with Dawn dishsoap.  I'm hopeful.  So hopeful, I put B in his Nifty Nappy fitted & off he went to nap.  Keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be ammonia stink on that diaper anymore.

I'll let you all know.  Thanks for the suggestions on here & via twitter! I appreciate it all!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Battlefield!

I'm currently at war.  And I intend to win.  The enemy?  Ammonia Stink (aka THAT SMELL) in my beloved diapers.

I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do... the latest casualty?  My BRAND NEW, MOST FABULOUS EVER diaper- A Nifty Nappy fitted.

I got it last week, the day before Thanksgiving.  I was already in the car on the way to my in-laws & was immediately sad that I couldn't race to the washer & prep it.  So, I waited.  I washed it 3 times & then, even though it says wash more than that, I put it on B- for just a couple hours before bedtime.  Then came the moment of truth.  Last night I put it on B for his overnight diaper.  It was miraculous.  Even though he nursed twice (yes... twice... that's another battle we're fighting) he woke up dry & I mean dry- the outside of the diaper was dry!

I was ecstatic.  I already knew I was in love, but now I was falling head over heels.  Complete & utter infatuation.  (Yes, I realize this is a diaper I'm talking about... yes, the very thing my son poos into... but if you're a CDing mama, you know exactly what I mean!)

And then, I opened the diaper pail tonight to place another diaper in it & the overwhelming stink of ammonia came flying out at me.  I only had today's diapers in the pail & determined, I actually went through the (only wet, no dirties!) diapers to find the culprit.  The tears almost started flowing (probably moreso from the horrible burning stench of ammonia, but I digress) when I realized THAT SMELL was coming from my new love.

So tomorrow begins the all out, take no prisoners, battle of the century! (Okay, maybe just of B's diaper wearing days, but you get my point, right? I will not let any more harm come to my diapers!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

We've had a few gorgeous days here & there this fall & we've been taking advantage!