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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where's my Washboard?

My mom is obsessed with antiques. She has ridiculous amounts cluttering up her house, but it's always been that way.  When I was much younger, she had multiple washboards at home (she probably still has them somewhere).  She never used them for washing clothes, but they were my grandma's or great grandma's or something that were actually used for washing.  I always thought that it would be terrible to have to wash like that!

Fast forward to today.  Right now, I have a 'load' of cloth diapers soaking in my bathtub.  Yes, my bathtub. We were away for 4 days for Christmas & came home to a broken washing machine.  What!?! It will only spin.  It won't fill with water & it certainly won't agitate.  Luckily I had washed diapers on Sunday night... this means I didn't actually have to wash until last night- Tuesday.  Because I've been busting my butt trying to get ready for B's big birthday bash on Saturday, I didn't get around to washing, plus I didn't want to risk waking B up after he went to bed.  During B's nap this morning I started rinsing.  My hands were freezing in the cold water & my nose was burning from the stink ammonia buildup (yes, it's true- I haven't completely tackled THAT SMELL issue).

So at this point, I just left them to soak in the hot water & some Rockin' Green Soap.  My plan is to let them soak for awhile & then rinse & agitate in hot water & soap.  One last rinse & then hopefully I'll be done.

In the meantime, I've picked up some GDiapers to use until our washer gets fixed.  Wish me luck!

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