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Thursday, February 3, 2011

CSN Review aka ... Baby Bjorn Potty Time!

My apologies to my fabulous sponsor, CSN Stores, for taking so long to get this posted.  I've been waiting to get a good photo & it's just not happening...  I promise he does sit on the potty without his diaper on, but for public pictures sake, I'm okay with the pj's. 

I'm not in a rush to start potty training (or learning, if you prefer - I haven't decided, but potty training is what rolls off the tongue).  I am not ready to chain myself to the house only to ask B if he needs to pee every 15 minutes.  However, B asked for a potty.  I mean, literally. We were at Target looking at them & he pointed to a red Baby Bjorn potty chair & said "cart". As in, put it in my cart.  So I did, & he proceeded to sit on it for about 20 minutes (coincidentally, the longest he's ever stayed put in a cart!).

I didn't actually purchase it on that trip, but I did come up & do some online research.  I checked some reviews & then headed to CSN Stores.  Awesomely enough, CSN had it listed for a little bit less than Target & I had a gift certificate to use. CSN Stores never lets us down - they always have whatever it is that we need!

B was so excited to get an enormous box in the mail & he almost loved it as much as the actual potty ... for a few minutes anyway.

We got the potty & are just casually using it.  B will (mostly) willingly sit on it as long as someone else is sitting on a toilet.  He never chooses to go on his own though and rarely does he answer 'yes' when I ask him to go. His favorite activity in the bathroom is flushing the toilet, but one of these days, we'll get there, we have to, right?

1 comment:

Carmen said...

He is adorable. Let me know how the potty "training" is going.