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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A whole lotta nothing...

Just a myriad of random knowledge about our weekend:

B is still sickly. Ugh. Turns out sick two year old, especially after a week and a half, is not fun. Not one bit.

I went to Sam's Club for, something like the second time ever in my life, today. With the Hubs. And my mother in law. And it was awesome. We got, like 25 pounds of m&ms today. Who doesn't need 25 pounds of m&ms?  And also 4 bottles of wine.

Parenthood rocks. I mean, the show (not that I don't love parenthood). It rocks. And I love Minka Kelly, even if she cheated on Jason Street with Tim Riggins (any idea what show that's from?) and now helped Crosby cheat on Jasmine. I still love her.

My mom was here this weekend, which resulted in a little shopping. Yay! Look at these lovelies:
  (I love me some scarves)

The month is almost over and I haven't picked out anything for my 30 for 30. I'm almost positive I'm already failing this challenge, before it's begun.

I applied for an additional freelance writing job. It could be amazing so fingers crossed that I get it.


JayZ said...

OMG, I can't wait for Friday Night Lights to come back! It's the only time I wish I had DirecTV so I could watch it in the fall. NBC needs to announce it's air date already! But I think it's the last season, boo! And I heart Parenthood too. I cry almost eveyr episode.

Did you get the scarves at ON? I saw some really cute ones there and was tempted to buy one.

Fingers crossed you get the writing job!

amanda said...

J- I think it's on right now... On some other channel. We started it on Netflix from season 1 last month & we finished 4 last week, but M started dvr'ing it too. Yep, the scarves are from ON, they had tons of cute ones! Thanks!!

Alexis said...

Love the scarves, love Parenthood (amazing show, it gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want a huge family!), also love Minka (she is a doll and has such a great personality!). So basically I love your whole post! Other than the sickies of course...boo to them!

JayZ said...

It's airing on a DirecTV channel now and then airs on NBC starting on April 15th. I had to look it up :-) Coach and Tammi are my favorite TV couple!

amanda said...

So will it be the same season/episodes that are on te DirecTV channel? We only have the last two episodes recorded...

Lexy- thanks :)

JayZ said...

Yup! They did the same thing last year. In order to keep the show on the air, NBC made a deal with DirecTV to have the episodes on their exclusive channel first and then re-air them on NBC later in the year.