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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What I should be doing...

blogging one of three reviews i need to post.

putting in a Cookie Lee order from last week that i still haven't done. (in my defense, i'm waiting on 2 extra checks in the mail that will make me feel as though i have a million bucks to spend... rather than spending money in my bank account that is not full of a million bucks. smart, right?) i must do it by tonight. absolutely. no buts about it. 

i should definitely be at my bible study that started 40 minutes ago. but B gets SO upset when I leave him with the lovely church ladies. and then i always end up bringing him downstairs with me, where he runs around freely... but i feel bad ... like we're distracting everyone. and he just gets SO upset. really, you should see him. red face, tears streaming, sweaty baby... it's awful for everyone involved, really.

folding laundry. but that's a daily thing that i should do & often don't. 

taking a shower. maybe, maybe not.  i mean, my hair doesn't look greasy (for once) & i don't smell... so what's another few hours. oh & no, i still haven't solved the shampoo issue. for now, i'm rebelling against my own 'green' ways & i went back to the suave green apple shampoo & conditioner that was in B's guest bath. at least it's green colored... & i won't buy it again! it does smell delicious though. in-hale...

i'm going to go see what Oprah was about this morning & drink some coffee. shh. don't tell the Huz. (it's not like he reads this anyway, right tweeps?!)

1 comment:

Kaylyn said...

I TRY not to think of what I SHOULD be doing when I'm enjoying me free time. We need that sometimes too!