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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Dress for Me!!

I realized the other day that I need something to wear for the rehearsal dinner for this wedding that we're in next week.  In reality, we all need something.  But the Huz can wear anything from his daily wardrobe- shirt, tie, & pants - what he wears to work each day.  I just recently found a white button down oxford shirt for B at Target, plus he has a few other button downs that he rarely wears, so that's an option.  I'll need to pick him up some nice pants, I just found him boat shoes... And I want to find him a tie.  Today, I read a blog giveaway for a Taylor Joelle gift certificate.  What an adorable bunch of ties! I think I'll be purchasing one for next Friday.

That leaves me.  After all the money I've already spent on this wedding, I wasn't really excited about spending a lot on a dress again, even though I have numerous weddings & wedding events to go to this summer.  Then I remembered! Swagbucks!  I had recently ordered a giftcard to Target with some of my Swagbucks & it was just sitting there, waiting for me to spend it.  So onto Target.com I went & I found this dress- on clearance, with free shipping, all the better!

I'm so excited. I can't wait to get it & I so hope it fits.  Best of all- totally free!  Want to start earning free things too?  Jump on the Swagbucks bandwagon- start here

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Kaylyn said...

woo hoo!
I already signed up otherwise I would sign up under you!
Have you ever done Mypoints? Kind of like swagbucks only they send you emails. YOu click the link in the email and it gives you 5 points. They send multiple emails a day. If you are interested I will invite you.

mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

Yeah, send me the invitation! I'd love to check it out.