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Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's all Harry Potter's Fault.

I don't often rant on here, or at least I don't think I do.  But today, I'm going to.  Just a brief explanation of my morning, so you can all share in my pain, I guess.

I had a meeting to go to this morning at 9am.  I rarely have meetings, but today I had one.  We all woke up around 8am.  I needed to nurse B, then shower & get ready.  After I nursed B, Hubs headed downstairs only to discover that our lovely dog had thrown up (in multiple spots) on the stairs.  Super.  Oh yeah, & the washing machine repairman was supposed to show up at some point between 8-11am.  Hubs then realized that B had a poopy diaper, at the same time that Tucker wanted to go outside.  I, of course, said I needed to shower & get going as it was already 8:20.  That didn't go over well, but I ran away anyway- something I never do!  Hubs changed B's diaper & went to flush the insert (still using GDiapers at this point- remember no repairman yet).  This is when the toilet overflowed (presumably because those few GDiapers that I've flushed were now clogging up B's toilet) & literally poopy water went everywhere. Sigh.  I'm out of the shower to hear all of this & then, the doorbell rings.  Washer repairman?  Hallelujah!

I get the door- hair wrapped in a towel, B on my hip (at least I had clothes on, right?!)

Never mind the dog vomit on the stairs sir, just step around!  Never mind the poo smell coming from that bathroom right there- it's just the water the Hubs is trying to clean up!  

I get to work cleaning the dog vomit & then onto B's breakfast & cleaning the kitchen.  What? I didn't mention that the kitchen was a disaster?  Dinner plates (complete with pancake syrup) from last night were still on the counter, as were the batter bowl & skillet.  Lovely.

At this point it's 8:54 & I still have wet hair.  I call & say I'm not making it.  My house falls apart when I'm supposed to leave.  It really, really does. 

On the plus side, everything's cleaned up.  The washer is fixed- 3 loads down, 2 more + cloth diapers to go.  The kitchen is spotless, breakfast & lunch have been served.  B is napping.  And, while the toilet in B's bathroom is not fixed, it's not running poo water everywhere!  And I discovered that you can use the G Diaper Swish Stick to scrape poo into another toilet, since my sprayer is hooked up to the clogged one.

Oh, & B is in his 2nd cloth diaper of the day.  This makes life good!

(And I promise, my kitchen is not usually that gross.  Just today.  It was Harry Potter's fault- he was begging me to watch him last night & he seduced me into forgetting about the dinner mess.)

There you have it.  When your house falls apart, just blame Harry Potter!

1 comment:

Nifty Nappy said...

LOL! I love it! I will have to use that excuse! Sorry it was so hectic! BUT yeah for the repair man! Whoot! Whoot!