"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Just a few thoughts for today (in NO particular order):

I love...

1.  Whole Foods 2 Bite Chocolate Chip Cookies... and 2 Bite Brownies. Yum! So much deliciousness crammed into these tiny little morsels... Oh so good! Now, if only I could stop at 2 bites.

2.  Twitter. I love it. I love twittering with all the other mommy twitterers!  I love learning all sorts of random things from fellow Twitterers. For example, today I learned that Dairy Queen has a new blizzard- oreos & cookie dough! Fabulous!

(...and no, I don't only love things that relate to food...)

3. My iPhone. (see- no food!) The iPhone has this great map feature which picks up on transit time and tells you exactly which bus stop to be at, what time to be there- the whole 9 yards. Fantastic.  Of course, it also has many other fabulous applications (you know, like the commercial- "it has an app for that"), but the map is super in the city.

4. People Magazine.  I consider all celebrity gossip to be 'alleged' until People confirms it. I love Thursday mail- my weekly issue arrives at my house and all is wonderful. 

5.  Uggs.  Call me circa 2002 if you want, but I love me some Uggs.  Barefoot in my furry boots tramping through the snow- nothing beats that! I love them so much I am very seriously considering buying B Man a pair for winter. 

6.  Cookie Lee jewelry (yes, this is a teeny tiny plug for my home business). Each piece is between $14-48.  There's something for every single person and every single occasion.  I LOVE it! Looking down right now- I'm in love with the Cobblestone bracelet on my right arm and the Diamond Cut Nugget bracelets on my left.  I no longer feel completely dressed without some CL bling on! (Feel free to check it out right here! )

7. Bags. All bags, all shapes, all sizes.  Handbags, tote bags, everything! I am addicted. I always want to buy a new one...

8.  Cloth diapers. Another addiction... fluffy, cute softness for Baby B's bum.  I just recently bought some Blueberry pockets and they are SO soft. Who knew that diapers could cause so much joy!

9.  Fall weather... It's been in the 60s all last week and now in the 70s. I love the crispy cool football on Friday nights kind of Fall weather.  I am so thrilled to be (hopefully, crossing our fingers) moving into a new house, where we can open the windows up and enjoy the fabulous weather!

.... 9 seems like a good number to quit on. Of course, this list is void of my family members... I adore my family, but this list is meant to be somewhat more frivolous than my family.

Now, leave me alone so I can go eat some brownies, the 2 bite kind!

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