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Monday, August 31, 2009

Big City? Big Suburb...

There are people out there reading this! Amazing! I'm excited... and nervous a little, as I know now I must keep up.  So some of you already know this... We are moving.  BAM Wallace is picking up and heading out of the city in search of greener pastures... or at least a larger living space, cheaper rent & a shorter commute.  My dear sweet husband has been moved to his company's suburb office, rather than the downtown office- technically the same branch, so just an immediate office (read: cubicle) change.  This began last Monday and resulted in Hubs & Baby B spending approximately two hours together from Monday until Friday at 1:30, when B and I rode the Metra train out to Naperville to look at some perspective homes.

Speed ahead through the weekend and probably 20+ homes, we *think* we have found one.  We have found subleasers for our city apartment and at this time, have no reason to believe it won't work out with them.  So now we're just waiting on the new place.  Yay!

It'll be nice to get out of the city before Winter, because, let's face it- B & I were not looking forward to standing at a bus stop in the lovely Chicago snowy weather to escape our apartment.  We'll get my mom-mobile back (it's been parked at my in-laws for the past four months... well not parked so much as been driven by them) and we'll be able to stay warm while heading to playgroups, swim lessons, and whatever else we come up with to blast the chilly weather away!

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