"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Short week = Short fuse

Ahh, Mondays... the day that B catches up on rest from the weekend, I catch up on laundry and cleaning... B usually takes a long nap, thus ensuring that I get a few moments to myself. 

What? What was that you said? Today's not Monday? Well... are you sure? Of course you're sure! Oh no... you mean... but how... It's TUESDAY!? Oh crap. 

We spent our holiday weekend in St. Louis, visiting family of mine- my aunt, uncle, cousin & his wife, and their 2 children.  It was a good time- it's always nice to see them.  It's great to catch up with cousin's wife, afterall, she is the one who got me into cloth diapering.  She is generally my go to lady for questions, although now with twitter I can usually get a faster answer from one of my tweeps.  So, it was a fun weekend.  We didn't have to bring much., which is always helpful.  We stayed at my aunt & uncle's house and since they have multiple grandchildren, they are equipped with highchairs, toys & a crib. Unfortunately for us, B didn't like their crib. Or the room. Or something about sleeping there.  So after a 2.5 hour 'dance' party that B and I had on Saturday - very early- he slept with us.  And then slept with us on Saturday. And then Sunday.  Enter a long car ride home on Monday and some spur of the moment shopping and dinner with friends before his bedtime and then we're back home! 

How do you think B slept last night?

Great, you say? Well... you couldn't be MORE wrong.  Long story short, into our bed again... ugh.  While I have no issues with those who cosleep- sometimes I love a conap!- I do take issue with my child who has slept in his crib all but one night when he was very sick, since he was 2 months old, suddenly thinking he can only sleep with us.

I finally got him down for a nap and am hoping it lasts for 2 hours or so. Praying in fact.  Please pray with me... or make that for me.

In addition to B's sleep predicament, we have managed to miss the bus twice today (oh right, story time was today, since it was Tuesday... and oh yeah, that was our stop that we just flew past), we forgot to pay our rent (although our landlord was very kind about it and was not upset in any way), I realized we had 5 (yep, 5!) jars of opened, unfinished baby food in the fridge from last week, and we have plans to be gone again this weekend (BIG game!).  Also, a friend and I had planned to go to Michigan Ave and see Oprah's kickoff party this afternoon, but unfortunately it seems as though B's habit forming nap must take precedence- oh the things a mother misses out on!  Are you sure it's not Monday?

In all of my list making and planning for what must be done in these 3 short days, I've also come to the realization that our diaper stash is too small.  It's never been large, but lately I've been selling and not replenishing effectively.  I must rectify this situation immediately, but I'll save more of those details for another post... 

For now, I'm just going to count down the minutes until Hubs gets home and I can have a drink (oh wait, alcohol spiked breastmilk might get B to sleep, but it's probably not the way to win the best mom of the year award, right?)

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