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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready and GO!

It's February 1st... Generally this time of year is cold... snowy... and we're feeling some serious cabin fever. This year is not the case. This year it's been sunny and 45 degrees or warmer this week. Today it's a blustery (no, just kidding... a little chilly though!) 40 degrees. Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been doing some projects throughout our house. Our main floor bathroom is painted as well as B's room. While I'm excited to reveal pictures, neither one is put back in order, so those will have to wait.

Instead I'll thrill you all with some pictures from the past month or so...

Enjoying the glorious January weather and train tracks leftover from his 3rd birthday party!

Target stickers rock. As do the cookies. As does Target.  
 Play place at a mall

Popcorn and a movie in a hotel (on a business trip with Daddy)

Morning Hot Chocolate

Visiting the Grant house in Galena, Illinois... Impressive 15 pound bible on the table.

 Wrestling with daddy...
Painting sneak peek... Here's B's room!
my new favorite recipe - Sour Cream Chocolate Banana Bread
Train table at the local car wash...

And also, as several of you have pointed out, yes there are 29 days in February of this year. Consider it a bonus - you can miss one day and you can still be rocking the 28 days of blogging!

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