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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wix and Whacks Soap Review

So earlier this year I made the statement that I would not purchase personal products from stores like Target or Walgreens, etc., anymore.  So far, I've done pretty well, aside from a travel sized tube of toothpaste for the Huz a few weeks ago.  Of course, this is in part because we stock up on these items as stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Yeah, that's how we roll.  Boring gifts like shaving cream & new toothbrushes.

The first product I really ran out of though, was body wash.  I generally just grab a bottle of Caress, Dove, or whatever is on sale & smells good at Target, but not this time.  Not anymore.  So I researched. And harassed my dear friend, Brooke, who has given me lots & lots of recommendations.  And I researched some more.  And then one night as we were tweeting, Brooke pointed out Wix and Whacks.  I really liked that they're part of the Etsy Green Clean Guild, after Brooke explained what that was anyway!  I also really, really liked that their location is right here in Illinois.  It's practically two birds with one stone- buying safely AND locally! WaHoo!

So I ordered the Lime Coconut Cooler whipped cream soap.  I was so excited when I got it!  The container is so cute & it makes me smile every time I open it in the shower.  I love how creamy it is.  I just scoop a little bit out with my fingers & put it on my shower poof & wa la! It's super soapy & smells delicious!  It's pretty inexpensive as well, especially when you consider how great the ingredients are.  The only 'con' I had was how long it took to get here... but I'm blaming that one on my mail lady (remember, the suspected thief in this post?).  I think she inspects all my packages before handing them over... any day now I expect her to order some jewelry, but for now, I think she's spending her free time on Etsy, oogling the shops that I purchase from.

Another product I'm excited about is the candles from Wix and Whacks.  I ordered a few late last week & just received them!  I love that they're soy, which is so much safer to burn & I am all for safety in a house with a nosy little 14 month old.

A few other companies I can't wait to try out are BLSoaps & SpaTherapy, but I know I already love Wix and Whacks, so I'll be doing plenty of shopping with them!

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