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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sugar Frustrations. Part 2.

So to picking up where I left off in this post...

B ends up sleeping almost the entire rest of the night, leaving all of us incredibly perplexed on Sunday. And tired. We start chatting about what could've possibly gone wrong as we watch B spinning circles & running around our house, like a maniac.  Seriously, what's gotten into this kid?

And then we figure it out.  The Amoxicilin! See, they make it all pink & bubble gummy to entice kids into taking it.  I mean, really, B was sucking it down like it's water.  Only, B doesn't really eat sugar or artificial flavoring.  Yes he eats fruit, which is full of (natural) sugar, but he doesn't eat cookies or cake on a regular basis.

Fast forward to Monday morning when I call the pediatrician's office to ask if I can get a new prescription. I'm told by a friend that I should be able to get a sugar free version.  The nurse calls me back, where she proceeds to laugh at me & say (in the rudest tone I have ever heard from a medical professional) "What do you mean, you've never given him a cookie? Or a cupcake? Not even on his birthday!?" She sounds bewildered.  As though all normal 14 month old children chow down on cookies & cupcakes everyday.  I guess this is America, right, where a large percentage of the population is obese, so shoveling cookies down a toddler's throat is apparently acceptable.

Am I the only one who thinks this nurse is a bit of a whack job for yelling at a mom who doesn't give her toddler extra sugar?  (I guess I know I'm not the only one, since the Huz is pretty pissed about it & my MIL agreed with me... & then told me to mock the nurse by bringing her organic treats the next time I go in)...

Whoa. Stop the presses.  Just got a phone call from said nurse regarding yesterday. We'll get to that momentarily. 

Well now this story has taken a turn.  So yesterday, I'm all sorts of irritated that the nurse would speak to me as if I'm crazy.  She literally just called me. Right now. While I'm typing this.  Not joking.  And she says that she forgot to call Walgreens to ask about the prescription! WTF?! What if this was more serious than a sugar high?  What if he was allergic?! (Not that far fetched, considering I am, in fact, allergic to it!)

So I decide to tell her how I feel about yesterday's conversation.  I'm nice about it.  In reality, I'm shaking because I HATE confrontation. (If you knew me in high school, you'd try to disagree with this statement, but I've always hated confrontation.  I'm a big talker, but that's about it.)  So I tell her that I was offended with her response & that I think I'm actually doing my son a big favor by not letting him know how artificial sugar tastes yet.  I tell her I think it was inappropriate for her to question the way I feed my son.  She says she certainly didn't mean to, but she does love to see 1st birthday pictures of kids with frosting & cake- as in sugary cake.  Did you all see pictures of B on his birthday? Did I post one?  I will. Complete with frosting & cake.  (All organic, naturally sweetened frosting & cake, that is).  I assure her that he had a party complete with frosting, cake & all the things he could ever want.  And then I thank her for getting back to me & I hang up.

So that's that.  I feel better about being honest, but I'm still a little leery of this practice that I'm sending my son too.  Our regular pediatrician had suggested that I wean him, shortly after his first birthday "because cow's milk has more calories" & he's a little on the small side.  Ignore that he's growing perfectly & he's healthy- he's just small.  Ignore that he was less than 6 pounds when we came home from the hospital.  Ignore that he is on the charts, because apparently he's not fat enough for our doctor, I guess.  She suggested I stuff him with Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Um, no thank you.  I'm not sure what's in that stuff, but I can assume that I can't pronounce most of it.  She then suggested I give him Life cereal to make certain he has enough iron, because (in her words) "It has some sugar in it, so most kids will eat it right up!"

And we're still breastfeeding.  And when we're done, we won't be jumping on the cow's milk bandwagon, thank you.

Again I ask, am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?


Slee said...

Holy crap! Snapdragon still hasn't had any processed sugars or food coloring. Heck, we just made it to potato green bean, and carrot.
Questioning your not giving your wee one refined sugar.
Damn. I did give him baby tylenol when he had a high fever. I stand corrected.

R said...

we don't give E LOTS of cookies & sugary stuff, but she does have some dry cereal to snack on some mornings (and yes, I admit sometimes it's Corn Pops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch - she refuses my Honey Nut Cheerios) but hubs did just buy some Teddy Grahams that are the chocolatey chip kind... but again - she doesn't get them often, and she only gets one or two (and they're pretty small!) when she does... lately her "sweet snack" has been fresh pears - she LOVES pears... and apples... and strawberries, and blueberries, raspberries, blackberries - okay okay - I ramble. you get the idea.

what I INTENDED to say here - and am just now getting to - that nurse? completely inappropriate. and sounds like maybe you should find a new pediatrician... one who is in-line with YOUR values and all that. I was just lucky to find out (after E arrived) that our family doctor - WAY into homeopathic/organic/good for you stuff... highly supportive of breastfeeding, is more likely to recommend techniques and natural things to try as opposed to pumping E full of drugs (except antibiotics when necessary - darn sinus infections!!) so, yeah. rambling again.

sorry. wishing you all the best! good luck with the Dr/Nurse and all that... *fingers are crossed*

R said...
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R said...
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R said...
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R said...

sorry for all the deleted comments... darn thing wouldn't show up, then it showed up multiple times.... ugh Blogger.