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Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Smiles

Instead of a long drawn out post on why my weekend rocked, I'll just summarize.

A great friend in town for her Spring Break- she's B's godfather's fiance & we love to see her when she's here (she lives in Arkansas til graduation in May).  We met up in Chicago & went for a bike ride down the Lake Shore bike path.  The Hubs & the Godfather used to go last summer all the time, when we lived in Lincoln Park.  This was my first real ride (excluding a quick spin around the bike shop parking lot) on my new bike!  Here's my new bike, here's B in his trailer, & here's the view at Navy Pier! (disclaimer- all pictures taken from my iPhone)

We did discover that B, like me, is allergic to penicillin, so throughout the weekend we had to keep up with Benadryl & watch his rash.  It didn't stop us from having fun though!  (and yes, he has food in his mouth)

Yesterday was gorgeous, when the sun was out & we did some shopping we needed to do.  We are all in a wedding on May 1st & we needed to get B's tux, the shower gift & my dress for the bachelorette party.  After shopping we took Tucker to the park.   Here's a few pictures from yesterday:

I got these amazing shoes & I can't wait to wear them out with this awesome dress!

A few other honorable mentions...

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Did you watch? I did. And I'm so excited for people in America to start getting IT.

I got a blog review request & if it comes in time, my wedding shower dilemma will be solved!

My shoes for the actual wedding are 'on the truck for delivery'.  If you're my twitter friend, you may have participated in my poll to decide which style to get. I ended up waiting too long & ordered the only pair in my size (hopefully)! I haven't worn exciting shoes for a long time so I'm excited, all though I know I'll be terrified of being a giant in 4 inch heels!

And... because Blogger is sucking it up right now & not uploading half of these pictures... I'll just tell you, rather than show you, that there are 4 large boxes of products for Baby D.  I'm waiting on 2 more packages & then everything will get sent!

Oh! And The Kind Diet is waiting for me at the library!!


Kaylyn said...

How does B like his trailer? He looks pretty comfy in there!

JayZ said...

LOVE the shoes, HOT! And the dress is fabulous too! B looks so cute in his tux!

I caught up on Food Revolution last night. Shocking! It amazed me when the kids couldn't identify vegetables. I never had a cafeteria in school and now I'm thankful for that!

BTW, I just sent C a little something from her registry.