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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sugar Frustrations. Part 1.

B has a sinus infection. Yuck.  As someone who has never had one, I can't really relate.  But the Hubs has had many a sinus infection.  In fact, I'm fairly certain that he always has one & occasionally it gets worse.  We had taken B to the pediatrician's office last Friday, because his fever came back with a vengeance- over 102 degrees! EEK!  This is when he was diagnosed with the secondary infection- sinus infection.  We were given a script for Amoxicillin... again, something I know little about, because I'm allergic to all things ending in 'illin (except for chillin'. Okay, that was lame, but I couldn't resist!).  So anyway, fast forward to Saturday evening.  The Huz & I were on our way to a movie (a date? ooh la la!) while my in-laws were at our house with a sleeping B.  But, did I mention that my wonderful Huz lives in a constant fog of sinus infection, himself?  Right, so he got the theater mixed up & unless we wanted to see Diary of a Whimpy Kid, we were SOL on a movie.

Little did we know, it must've been the stars aligning to send us back home.  We wandered around Best Buy a bit, cause that's dear hubby's favorite store, where we pretended to be 15 year old girls & we purchased New Moon.

Fast forward again... we're at home. Mother in law is popping popcorn, I'm giving Father in Law the rundown on Twilight (since I own all four books & have actually read them, this makes me somewhat of the family expert, plus I've managed to stay awake the two times Hubs & I have watched Twilight, whereas he has not).  Did I mention Hubs has a 13 year old brother?  I'm sure he was thrilled to watch New Moon (haha... yeah right).  I'm not sure that KStew has the same effect on tween boys that Mr. Robert Pattinson & Mr. Taylor Lautner have on women of all ages, what with her seemingly constipated & can't get words out of her mouth acting (Ooh, I've let you in on my secret almost disdain for the Twilight movies... & yet... I watch).

So anyway, back to the real topic at hand.  I should stop getting distracted.

B wakes up.

Weird.  But not completely uncommon.  I give him a minute. He screams. Uh oh- maybe he's stuck? (Yeah, he gets his limbs stuck in the crib slats, but that's an entirely different post, which I will get to one of these days).  I run upstairs.  He is, in fact, a little bit stuck.  I unstick him & nurse him- he is sickly after all.  Back down I go.  Ooh Taylor Lautner has his shirt off - good timing!

(Now that he's 18, it's acceptable to say that right? Seeing as I'm only  7 years older than him, I can say that, right? Any of these excuses working?)

And we're watching.  And again, B wakes up.  I run back up. And here's where the night falls apart.  I'll spare you all the details, as I've already made this post entirely too long by blabbing on about Twilight.  B proceeds to stay wide awake for the next three hours.  I try nursing, I try rubbing his back, I try co sleeping, I try a little CIO.  Nothing works.  I bring him back in our room where he discovers my alarm clock.  He stares at it as he's a crack addict, mesmerized by the glowing red light (is this a correct analogy? Any crack addicts out there who will confirm or deny this?) 

Hubs tosses him over to mother in law, who gives it her best shot.  After a while, in which she says he has fallen asleep twice, only to startle himself awake again & shout 'mama...mama... dada!" I realize it's time for more Motrin.  I go in, give it to him & bring him back to our bed, where he nurses & passes out.

Um. Crazy kid much?

Anyone wanna guess what happened to my sweet, calm, pretty well sleeping, tired little boy?

I'll let you (k)stew on it for a bit & get back to you in the next post... sans Twilight this time!


lizzieblue said...

allergic like mom?

Alisha said...

um, based on the title the fam gave him some sugar?