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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Sweet Suburb Feels So Good

Finally, only three, yes three, weeks after we moving we have officially unpacked the last box/ Rubbermaid tote.  Of course, we have repacked quite a few (what with Summer disappearing on us today and shorts being a poor fashion statement in this weather) ... but they are stored away in the oh so clean garage! It feels great! No more totes in our bedroom, no more totes stacked behind our couch, no more totes anywhere but exactly where they should be!

I haven't mentioned our new home much.  We are in the suburbs, in a great location.  We live in a two story townhome which was built much after 1908, unlike our previous apartment in the great city of Chicago.  Yep, we are those people (as I previously mentioned) who left the city for the 'burbs. And we love it.  Smartest decision we ever made! We have met some neighbors who seem pretty great- I'm even in a mom's group with one of my neighbors. Then we have some who seem like maybe they're not so great... (no, I don't understand, Sir Thug A  Lot, why you must sit in your car every afternoon, parked in the visitor's parking spot, to smoke your cigarettes.  Are you hiding them from your house? ...Oh, what? I'm sorry, did my 85 pound dog scare you by barking & growling at you? ...Get him Tuck Tuck!). B and I have joined a couple playgroups and so far, things are good.

Anyway, back to the original topic.  I can now say our house is clutter free and it feels good. Real good.  I've got my car full of things to go to Goodwill, as soon as I find it.  And that feels good too. 
...now if only I could permanently get rid of the dust and the dog hair - that would feel good too.

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