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Friday, May 7, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Today

My mom is here, visiting for 5 days!

B has taken to my mom like white on rice. Seriously, I was a little worried, cause he doesn't get to see her very often... but he's running all over the place, yelling "GramGuh! GramGuh!" (cause that's Grandma in B speak)

There was an amazing sale at the Coach outlet today. My mom happened to mention that she'd thought about stopping at the outlet in Iowa on her way here, but she didn't do it.  I then informed her that there was one about 5 minutes from my house, so we thought we better go.  We didn't even know there was a sale! Oh man, were we in for a surprise! Happy Mother's Day to us (thanks Mama)! I got this pretty little diddy, & a cute handbag... My mom got um... multiple handbags. We did good. 

Mr. Tucker puppy turned 2 today & I got him a toy that seems relatively indestructible.  We'll see how long it really lasts though. 

and last but not least, it's the weekend, which means Mike doesn't have to go to work for the next two days! 

...life is good...

(& my mom took this picture of us tonight)


Kaylyn said...

I LOVE that pink Coach!! Cute! And what a cute family pic!!Did you get your hair chopped or is it just the pic?

Jamie said...

I just saw your link on the Yoreganics Facebook page and clicked over...and then I saw on your twitter updates that you were at Comfy Bummy earlier.

Have we met before there?? and...I wasn't sure if Lindsey from Baby in the Big City sent you the link or not but we are having a Chicago Blogger Meet-up in a few weeks!

mandy @ bigcity! baby said...

Hi Jamie! We haven't met, that I know of anyway! Lindsey did send me the link. I'm hoping to make it. I actually used to live a couple blocks from Oz park, so I'm excited to go back & take B, now that he can play :) Are you from Iowa too? (I know Lindsey said you guys are friends)