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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I couldn't have said it better...

So I won't try.  My dear friend, Madison, posted this blog entry yesterday.  I'm so glad she called some attention to this...  Please, please, please check out her post & educate yourself.  This is so important to the safety of our children.

Aren't You Worried About Him Being Uncomfortable? (Life Happens During Naptime)

You see, B just topped 20 pounds. By 2 ounces.  And the first thing our pediatrician said after checking his weight, was "Oh, legally you can switch him around now!" What... an idiot.  Granted, once I said "oh no, he'll be rear-facing still", she quickly agreed that rear-facing is the best option, I wish she'd have prefaced her previous statement with that.  She should've said "Even though the law says you can switch him, I'd recommend you keep him rear-facing".  But she didn't.  And how many other patients does she see?  The answer is a lot, since we go to one of the largest medical practices in the Chicago suburbs.

B's convertible carseat can rear-face until 40 (or 45?) pounds.  My almost 5 year old niece just weighed in around 45 pounds, and she's a very tall little girl.  Will I keep B rear-facing until he's 5?  Probably not... but you can bet he'll be a lot bigger before I trust his little body to protect himself in the event of a car accident.  That's what his daddy & I are here for- to protect him.


Sarah J. said...

Good for you! My son is 21 mos and about 28 lbs and still rear-facing. My husband (a police officer that has seen horrible accidents) wants to turn him around for convenience. I am adamantly against it and so far I am winning the arguement. :o)

Tara said...

My ped did the same thing at M's 1 year appt and she was only 18 lbs!!! I was like, legally I can't turn her around yet, and I don't plan to turn her around even after she hits 20 lbs. He agreed that it was the safest... but why didn't he offer up that information?!?

Kaylyn said...

Thanks for posting this! Nick keeps bugging me about turning Nat. Her legs are so long and I really do think she is uncomfortable in my car but I'd rather her have here and uncomfortable than have something happen I could have prevented!

Carmen said...

Wonderful decision! Easton will be rear-facing for a while too!

Maria said...

My daughter RF'ed until she was 4. The only reason we switched her is because she was within a pound of her seat's limit AND we had a new baby on the way (ouldn't fit two RF in our car). Otherwise, we would have bought a seat that RF to a higher weight limit. She is 5 1/4 now and there are still seats she could be RF'ing in.

I caught so much heck for keeping her RF'ing, I got SO TIRED of defending myself. Now I've started to ahve to defend my decision to keep her harnessed as long as I can!