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Monday, February 15, 2010

Cookie Lee gift certificate giveaway!

this giveaway is now over. thank you for participating & congrats to the winner!

Disclaimer: Since I had big plans for a blog review/ giveaway event that ended up being not so big, I thought I'd throw in my own giveaway to spice it up a bit.  And to calm any fears, I do have a 13 month old who pulls on this jewelry constantly & has never broken a single item, so it's pretty durable! 

I am an independent consultant for Cookie Lee jewelry, which basically means I own my own business through Cookie Lee.  Cookie Lee is a direct sales company & one of the most fabulous I've ever heard of.  You can operate exactly how you want, as much or as little.  You can become a consultant for no reason but the discount on your own jewelry or you can become a consultant because you want to take over the world- no joke! I have a great friend, KC, who has won multiple trips (going to Punta Cana this summer), she has been promoted numerous times & she's all around a fabulous Cookie & fabulous business woman (plus, in all her free time, she runs a horse farm! Crazy, right?).  So, while I don't think I'll ever top KC, my personal goal is strive to be a little closer to her end of the Cookie spectrum, which is easy to do with jewelry at this awesome price point & quality level!

Something I love to highlight about Cookie Lee is how much we support fundraising/charity work.  As some of you may know, I just did a "Help for Haiti" fundraiser & sold jewelry to send money to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.  It went over very well & I'll be donating the money at the end of this month (I still have one more purchase to get out to a customer).  I can help with any fundraiser out there- wouldn't you rather purchase jewelry to wear or give, instead of microwave popcorn or another overpriced candy bar?  I would... my health would prefer that I buy jewelry over the other options as well! 

Anyway, enough about that.  Let's get on to the really good stuff, right?  The BLING!  Here's the link: Cookie Lee Catalog! And here's some photos:

I apologize that the pictures do not do the pieces justice, but photographing bling is not always an easy task.  

One last photo & a little piece feature: I just took this of the highly coveted (in my circle anyway) Capri Isle necklace! This necklace is 64" long & can be worn several ways, some of which are shown in the catalog (21A). The beads are gorgeous- some painted.  It has a matching set of (3) bracelets & matching earrings. 

So, after checking out the link, do you like what you see? And you want to have something or somethingS from the catalog?

Here's what you do! 

Mandatory Entry: Tell me what your favorite item is, using the link to see the catalog! And make sure to leave some contact info so I can reach you if you're the winner.

Extra Entries:

1. Follow Big City! Baby via GFC
2. Grab Big City Baby's button & let me know where I can find it! 
3. Follow my Cookie Lee blog, I Sell Cookie Lee. (It is pretty new, so there's not much there... yet!)
4. Follow @mandyw526 on twitter & tweet this (once a day):  Win a $25 gift certificate for your choice of Cookie Lee jewelry from @mandyw526: http://bit.ly/a2W84p
5. Participate- leave me a (new) comment on any blog entry, other than another giveaway.  You can do this on each blog, once a day. This means you could potentially have 30 extra entries (although that requires me to blog more often!).
6. Make a purchase through me & get 20 extra entries! I do have coupons available & will honor these!

giveaway ends on March 1 at 9pm CST. winner will be drawn via random number generator & will be contacted via email. winner has 24 hours to respond, before a new winner will be drawn.  as always, thank you for entering!

if you'd ever like to know more about the Cookie Lee opportunities available to you, whether it be for personal wear, hosting for free jewelry, or earning some extra cash, please contact me at amandawallace526 at gmail dot com.