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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Rough Start

To the week...

I've made a promise to my dear husband that I will get up with him during the week before he leaves for work.  This is the one thing he's been asking me to do for awhile now, but I keep resisting.  Why?  Well for one, because I like sleep. A lot.  And sometimes, B still wakes up in the middle of the night & when that happens, it makes me like my sleep more.  And probably the reason others would resist is because he leaves for work around 6:30am.  This implies waking around 5:30. Ugh. Double Ugh.

So this morning we both crawled out of bed at 6:11- this is late by regular standards.  Oh well. It's Monday.

Soon after B woke up & Hubs left, I started some laundry.  Diapers had been soaking, so I finished out their cycle.  Moving on... I threw a load of clothes in.  Put them in the dryer.  No big deal.

Tried to get B to take a nap.  Left him in his crib with his seahorse singing & the room darkened.  This usually works- sometimes he fusses for about 10 minutes, but then he's usually out.  I went back downstairs, got myself a fresh cup of coffee & grabbed one of my many books that I'm obsessing over with our current diet change.  I set everything on the end table & went to clean up a bit in the kitchen.  Realized B wasn't napping, went up to get him.

Shortly after this, I brought B downstairs & he began playing with his toys in the living room.

I'm thinking you can guess what happened.

Just as I remembered the full cup of coffee & went racing into the living room, I saw him throwing the coffee mug.  Covered in coffee (luckily cold at this point), he just laughs.  And Tucker tries to lick it up.

More laundry, as he's wearing a brand new off white tshirt.  I throw some carpet stain stuff down, haul B up the stairs & strip him down.  Spray the shirt with OxyClean & let it soak.  It's not until I load the washer with the white clothes & put the detergent in that I realize that I never put detergent in the previously washed, now completely dried load of laundry from earlier.  Super.

These are the things that occur when I'm up before 7am.

How many more days til Friday again?


Candace said...

My husband would LOVE for me to wake up w/him every morning but there is just NO way!

Pumpkin Bear said...

what book are you reading?