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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Kushie is it?

Ahh, Kushies Ultra-Lite washable diapers, how fantastic are you?

It's an All-in-One diaper with 6 layers of 100% cotton flannel (oh so soft!).  It's a one size form fitting diaper with an adjustable hook & loop closure.  They fit from 10-22 pounds, although I'm certain these will fit B for quite awhile (he weighs 18 pounds right now & has plenty of room to go).  Best of all, the prints are spectacular!

I received the Ultra-Lite Infant Trial pack in blue (B is a boy, afterall).

The pack includes 2 Ultra-Lite diapers, 2 washable liners, 2 washcloths, & a 10 pack of biodegradable diaper liners.  I immediately prepped the diapers & got to reviewing!  At first glance, I was pretty sure that the diapers would be too big for B's tinyness, but they actually fit him very well.  The flushable diaper liners are great too. Makes for super easy cleanup! The washable liners are nice to give extra absorbancy for heavy wetters or nighttime use, or even to pad the diaper a little for smaller babies.

So, what would I change, if I had that kind of power in Kushie land? Of course, I'd have snaps as an option for closure.  However, that said, even with hook & loop closures, these diapers are so easy to use.  They're trim, absorbant, & soft.  I love that they truly are a wash, dry, & wear diaper!

Kushies are a Canadian company that has more than just cloth diapers.  They also have (award winning) toys, bedding, clothes, bibs & diaper accessories, just to name a few.  You can truly do a little one stop shopping at Kushiesonline.com.

Want to buy some Kushies products? Take advantage of this 10% discount that they'll give you, if you use the code: bwal10 at kushiesonline.com


fancygrlnancy said...

these look so cute. I have not used this brand, but always wanted to try them. THanks for the info.

Crissy said...

By the time I found out about the Ultra Lite diapers, my DD was too big for them. I've heard good things about them though.