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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Mish Mosh of thoughts

It's a quiet day here... Resulting in a post full of random thoughts...

Winter is still in force, kicking our butts and freezing us out. B's response was "stay home" when I asked him what he wanted to do this morning. When checking my phone (which may or may not be correct) I shivered as I read- 3 degrees f. Brrr...

I'm taking down the rest of the Christmas/ Winter decorations... You know Valentine's Day is one month from tomorrow? What other excuse do I have to use pink around the house? This will result in a post-nap trip to Michaels to see what I can find.

Tomorrow night we have a birthday outing ... A friend who is turning 26 and said "that's like 30!" ... Well, thanks for aging me, dear friend! Regardless, I'm excited for an excuse to dress up and go out with my wonderful husband.

After reading the current post at one of my favorite blogs (www.kellehampton.com), I went ahead and snagged the second version of Sweet Nella Charm Bangle. 50% of proceeds go to Nella's ONEder Fund. I was already wanting to donate something and I love any excuse to support small business. Check it out and score a cute bracelet while supporting a fantastic cause.

I'm actually blogging on our iPad so I'm interested to see how this turns out. The hubs takes my MacBook to the office everyday so my computer time is severely limited, hence the lack of regular posts. And pictures.

I started watching 'The Good Wife'. What a phenomenal show. I can't believe I waited this long! And everyone is on it! I'm so addicted, I've watched 8 episodes in two days... That's a lot considering I don't watch when B is awake.


JayZ said...

Enjoy your night out! But I want to kick your friend in the head a little...I'm 30!

I need some more VDay decorations. I miss my Christmas decorations and I need something to fill the void. I only have a few that my Mom gave me.

I've heard great things about "The Good Wife" but I have this hatred of CBS, don't know why. I don't watch anything on there.

Abby Evans Photography said...

I recorded a few episodes of that show when it first premiered because of the cast, but I had the same problem - I just do not like to watch shows on CBS. I do not watch anything on it currently and it is just hard for me to start watching a new show.

Have fun out!

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