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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should be can Shove it.

What I should be doing -
taking a shower to clean the chlorine from swim lessons off of me
cleaning the kitchen - putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc
washing the wet swim clothes, towels from swim lessons
folding the clean laundry that's surrounding me right now & then, of course, putting it away
kicking my dog off of the bed since he's technically not allowed on it
packing for our mini- vaca tomorrow
cleaning the bath toys, because b decided poo'ing in the tub would be more fun than not
eating something, since b ate my dinner tonight (at least he wanted to eat, right?)
working on interview questions for my next assignment
blogging about something important- world peace perhaps?

What I am doing-
lying (laying? i never know) on my bed, snuggled next to my sleeping dog, reeking of chlorine while the clean laundry stares me down (there's eyes in there somewhere, i just know it) & the dirty dishes taunt me from all the way downstairs. & recording it here, on this blog, for posterity.

What ... a winner.

1 comment:

JayZ said...

All that can wait. Sometimes you just have to be lazy :-)

Swim lessons, fun! I really want to get Jos in the pool because she loves water. Francesca has a pool at her apartment complex so next warm day we are going over there. Does B have a cute swim diaper? :-) I just ordered Jos a Nifty Nappy one since she's going out of business and they were on sale at Sugar Dipes. Can't wait to see her in it!