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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

Today was supposed to be B's last day of preschool here in Iowa, but unfortunately it's a snow day.  We're using the term "Snow Day" loosely at this point, as all it's been thus far is rain, but I hear (and see via Facebook) that the snow is coming. I think we said this morning that the weather man might as well just check Facebook for the forecast... what friends in Kansas City said the weather was doing first, has moved through Des Moines, heading to Iowa City, and then it will make it's way to the QC.

I'm really sad though because it was supposed to be the preschool's Christmas program that they'd been working on for a month and I was so excited to see B stand up with his little classmates and sing! Also, he'd been telling me how they were working on a secret project (which he then let slip exactly what it was) and I know he wanted to give it to me... Hopefully I can arrange with his head teacher to see her and give her the gifts we have for her and the other two teachers and get the project.

So instead of running errands and going to school today, we are packing and getting Christmas gifts ready. Christmas cards and birth announcements are also going out today- finally!


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