"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boy oh Boy!

We're having a boy!

While I realize I haven't blogged in months, I couldn't let this news go un-blogged. Earlier this week we found out we're expecting our second son. Of course, we knew we were expecting (I'm almost 21 weeks), but it's even more exciting (in my opinion) when you know the gender. Now we can finalize his (middle, as first is already decided) name and get to work. I'm pretty thrilled that we can reuse most of B's stuff, as their due dates are only about 5 weeks apart - thus the clothing *should* work, assuming Baby J is about the same size as B was. I'm so excited to watch two boys grow up together and so happy for B! Plus I know how amazing of a big brother B is going to be... it will be exciting to watch (and also a little heartbreaking because... seriously? How can B be this old?!)

Official due date is November 23rd - the day after Thanksgiving. We'll see if J arrives in time for turkey or turkey leftovers. Now that we know he's a he, I'm ready to get started on his room. I cleaned out the closet a few weeks ago and ripped down the remaining wallpaper border today. Surprisingly enough, wallpaper that's been in the room for about 16 years came down shockingly easy! Next up is cleaning the walls and taping, so we can paint. After we determine paint colors that is. We've decided to just move the decor from B's room into J's and upgrade B to a Bigger Boy Room. There's a few things we have to replace from the original nursery decor, but the rest is still in great condition. While this may seem unfair to those second kids out there (not me, as I only have an older brother and our rooms were certainly as different as could be growing up), B's theme was Sports Fan - with a focus on baseball additions- and that's all I'm really interested in doing again for Baby J. I don't get down with the puppies or the baby blue too much... We're a baseball family here, so we may as well stick with what we know best.  As far as the Big Boy Room, I'm thinking bright colors. I just painted B's room bright blue (his favorite color) this past January and I'm imagining orange and bright green... we'll see what I come up with. I love the way this looks and while this exact picture is not possible, the colors certainly are!

Meet Baby J! 

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