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Monday, May 16, 2011

We love to Potty

... So, I have promised friends of mine that I'm not going to be that mom that makes my facebook status "So proud of my big boy for pooping on the potty!" or something similar. And I'm totally not. I am not that mom.

I am, however, the mom that will blog about it. At least to say this... B started potty training last week, basically of his own accord, and he's doing fabulously. As I wrote in a review post, we have the Baby Bjorn potty and have had it for months. B wasn't interested really at all, but a couple weeks ago we picked up some Thomas and Friends big boy underwear, as well as some "same as daddy's" fruit of the loom kind of underwear (same colors for those who are really curious).  Last week, he said he wanted to use the potty and ever since, he's been all over it. He hasn't worn diapers in days and he only wears pull-ups at nap time, overnight and occasionally for longer car trips. He even uses the restroom at stores and uses his potty in the back of the Jeep or Grandpa's truck (baseball games have proven to be much easier than I had imagined).

I'm not pushing him, but am asking him regularly if he needs to use the bathroom. He isn't afraid of it and I'm so happy that he's so successful at it!

Also, in reference to weaning... B did fabulously with that as well. After about a week, he never mentioned it again. He points and laughs anytime he catches me changing my shirt ... apparently now that there's no more milk, boobs are hilarious.

I know I've been absent... hoping to come back to blogging more regularly one of these days.


JayZ said...

That's great it's been an easy transition to the potty! Are you missing the cloth diapers? :-) Are you using cloth trainers or just disposable pull ups? Just curious when we get to that point.

And I'm glad the weaning went well! I'm going to start after Jos turns one. I'll take away a feeding/pumping session every 4 days or so and replace it with whole milk. The last one to go will be the bedtime feeding. I'm sure that will be tough for her but I'm going to take it slow since I love that time with her before she goes to sleep. I would be happy just keeping that one for awhile. It's the pumping at work that I'm completely over!

amanda said...

Honestly, I'm not missing the cloth diapers at all! I'm actually enjoying not having to wash.

At the moment we're just using disposable pull-ups. I grabbed some at Target last week and haven't had time to look into cloth ones. I'd definitely be interested in finding some cloth though...

Good luck weaning Jos! I am so proud of you for continuing to pump- I know how awful that is!