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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weapons of Mass Destruction

They're in the form of small baseball bats, emblazoned with the Chicago Cubs logo...  crayons slightly larger than average... even tubes of yogurt or apple chunks (as witnessed at lunch today by our dear friend Miss Ally).

These little tiny hands grab hold of objects like these & you had better watch out.  He's kind of a maniac, really.  What is it about little boys?  When is it that they decide that that candle sitting on the end table is actually a missile that should be chucked across the room, aimed at the dog?  Why does a wooden baby Jesus (it is Christmas in our house, afterall) become an object to be thrown at the tv?  And those Christmas ornaments? What better use than to hit them all, while still on the tree, in one fell swoop? What's a baseball when you have approximately 25 glass balls in a variety of red, green, gold & silver?

And how do you respond when he laughs, hits & says 'time out!' as though it's all just a game & we're the pawns?

Oh little boy, if only you weren't so cute...

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