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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Already!?!

Well, well, well... it sure has been awhile, hasn't it? I guess I got swept up in Autumn even more than I'd realized.  What have we been up to?  Lots of stuff, really.  Mostly it can be summed up by saying we've been spending time with the people we love... The Huz has been around a lot, which is great for all of us; we live near friends now, so we've been out & about quite a bit for the first time in about 22 months; there's all sorts of new places to explore.  We've been having fun.

So in honor of that fun, here's a random selection of highlights (in no particular order).

Halloween was spent dressed as a monkey. A monkey who became a little obsessed with candy.  Considering he didn't know what candy was until that day, that's not cool.  Luckily, his parents ate all his candy before he could get to it :)

B's favorite book is currently "Goodnight Chicago" ... He says 'Cago!' & tells us he misses it. However, we haven't actually lived in Chicago since September 09, so I don't believe him.  Plus we visit frequently. As in, we were there two weeks ago. Regardless, he requests the book to sleep with him at night, which is pretty cute.

He's obsessed with tractors (another post about that soon) & choo-choos.  He can wake up from a dead sleep & yell 'CHOO CHOO!' if he hears one.

The Huz has a new car. Brand new. Which is pretty sweet.  But that resulted in me getting a new-to-me, but really just the 'old' Jeep that is full of Tucker's hair, Starbucks coffee stains & old fast food stink (M has basically lived in the Jeep for the past two years).  I've done my own detail job & it's suitable for now.  So long, my first baby-mobile (a lovely Chevy Equinox- no minivan for me!).

Today we went & looked at 'potties'. Now, I tend to dislike that word, but toddler toilet does sound kind of weird.  And B picked up the word potty somewhere... must be that Grandma of his. Anyway, we put one in the cart & B literally sat on it for about 15 minutes.  He later said he didn't want it, so I put it back, but we will be owning one very soon.  I'm not in a hurry to be done with diapers, but I'm not going to hold him back if he is.

I'm trying out Hot Yoga tomorrow night, which I'm psyched for.  I'll let you all know how it goes. Could be pretty scary as I've been slacking off in the past year at my yogi-ness.

We think we're going to St. Louis in a couple weeks. It'll be B's first trip there. Two baby baptisms in one day.

...I promise to be back soon!

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