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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

please excuse the awful picture quality - we forgot our camera & these were all taken from my iphone (3G)

 Last weekend we took B to the Circus.  It.Was.Amazing! I'd actually never been to a circus before (I grew up in a tiny little town... there were no circus' coming through there!).  They packed so much into those two hours, they aren't kidding when they say
"It's the greatest show on Earth!"

B started out a little skeptical... like he couldn't quite figure out why there were all these people hanging from fabric ... and the clowns! They were actually pretty cool looking & not creepy at all.  Then the dogs came out.  A whole bunch of dogs, all different sizes, walking on their hind feet, jumping over all kinds of hurdles... one in a dress, dancing.  B immediately started jumping up & down, dancing along to the music & clapping.  He LOVED the dogs.  Personally, I loved the elephants.  They were so well trained & they had tricks like you wouldn't believe.  Seriously, awesome. 

At one point there were 6 horses that ran around in a circle (forgive me, KC, if you're reading this, I'm sure there's more technical terms for it!) & the horse in the back kept nudging the others.  I leaned over & asked Mike why he thought that one was slacking off, head-butting his friends.  Mike replied that he was actually supposed to do that, to keep them in their circle.  Oh, that makes sense!  Then my mom commented that they looked sad, which I agreed with... which then had me asking about the treatment of the animals in the circus.  Do you think they like it? Or are they miserable? Does anyone know? (Kace, I'm looking at you!)

The tigers were gorgeous, as they jumped & growled & showed off their tricks.  The acrobats were awesome, as they wrapped themselves up in their threads (again, technical terms in a circus for $400, Alex?), the clowns were hilarious, & even the villian, Mr. Gravity, was pretty funny! The magic tricks were pretty tricky - we adults couldn't quite figure out a couple of them, the dancers were graceful & the animals rocked.

Will we go again? Definitely! 

1 comment:

RachelB said...

Not to be a buzzkill, as I was a huge fan of the circus as a kid, but I do not believe the animals are having any fun in the least. They are forced to travel in small cages as they are paraded around, never knowing their true habitat. They are forced into the unnatural performances and tricks and generally have terrible living conditions. The most poorly treated in my opinion are the elephants. They are brutalized by their trainers with bullhooks until they obey and perform the unnatural act. If you google circus animal abuse it should come up with numerous videos taken undercover by animal rights groups. Circuses are really a big controversy due to the animal abuse that is continually ignored. I am a huge advocate for animal rights and have done a lot of reasearch on this topic, and just thought I would give my opinion/answer to your question.