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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

smiling makes me happy

i'm a poor blogger right now. i mean, really.  i have almost nothing to talk about it seems.  or maybe it's just a lack of motivation.  there's actually a lot going on right now, but nothing to talk about yet.  instead, i'll revert back to an easy post & just share what's making me happy lately!

my nook. love, love, love it.  i was really unsure if i'd like it at all, but i got it for vacation & i fell in love.  i'm a total book nerd & anytime i go anywhere i take at least 2 books with me.  sometimes more like 7. the nook really cuts down on the bulk. 

my new sister (in law).  i finally have one! mike's brother got married this weekend & i get a sister now. cool, right? plus, i was her personal attendant & i had so much fun running my ass off to get everything ready in time. so much fun.

the new cookie lee catalog. the bangles. the bella ring. there's so much cute stuff, i want it all. love, love, love (just like my nook). 

the $50 coach gift card i got in the mail today.  i immediately told mike & his response? 'what will you buy?' how awesome is that? (considering i just bought a new bag on vacation a couple weeks ago...)

4 bedroom houses with fenced in back yards.

sweet leather couches found in the paper that you get an amazing deal on! go mike. 

mickey mouse clubhouse. makes b laugh. makes me laugh at him.  totally a tolerable kid's show. 
'oh toodles!!'

our fabulous couple friends.


Amy said...

Glad to hear you love your Nook, I've been thinking about getting one of those or a Kindle. What made you decide on that one?

b's bling selling mama said...

I asked some of my friends which ones they had... two have the Nook. The Nook has a replaceable battery, the Kindle does not- that's huge. Also, you can trade books on the Nook with other Nook owners. I like the touch screen, since I have an iPhone already. I got the 3G WiFi one. I had found a comparison between the Nook & Kindle, but it looks like they took it off the site :(