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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Blurbs from the Suburbs ... on a Wednesday

I hate wearing jeans ... around the house anyway. I love a great fitting pair of jeans when we're going out, but seriously, during the day, I can't bring myself to wear jeans, unless I'm going to a store, etc.  Just now, I got out of the shower & grabbed a pair of jeans & I literally couldn't put them on! I threw them down on the chair (assuming I'll put them on if we go out anywhere today) & grabbed yoga crops.

Speaking of showers... men have it so easy.  Showers are much faster when you don't have to shave or wash your hair (or at least as much hair as I have). I showered last night but then shredded this morning, so I needed to just wash off.

Speaking of Shredding... I fully regret taking last week off.  I started the 30 Day Shred on May 26th.  That lasted two days.  I took a week plus off & then started again.  Was going strong for 6 days, but then I tried Level 2.  And I lost my motivation. Ugh. It kicked my butt all over again today.  MUST KEEP IT UP!

I got a Kozy carrier a couple weeks ago, but have only tried it twice ... for minutes.  B doesn't seem overly thrilled, but I very much want to carry him on my back.  I think today we'll head out to a walking/biking path & toss B up on my back so I can handle Tucker a little better.  The 'issue' there is that I have to get B on to my back on my own, with no couch, etc.  I hope B likes it.

I'm thinking about running a Cookie Lee sale ... I'd like to clean out my inventory before the NEW CATALOG comes out in AUGUST.  Anyone interested? I'll post details soon on my Cookie Lee site.


Amy said...

I'm interested in a Cookie Lee sale! I just looked through the catalog and saw some stuff I want. How do I order from you?

b's bling selling mama said...

Just shoot me an email or a facebook message :)

R said...

I'm also looking for a back carrier for E... so far haven't seen/heard of one that's just amazing... let me know if you find one?